Saturday, June 3, 2017

A Few Tips from Dr. Ali Ghahary for First Time Dieters

Dr. Ali Ghahary
Dieting can be a challenge for anyone. However, if you’re a first time dieter, that challenge can be even greater. What should you eat? What should you drink? And what should your calorie intake be? Figuring all of that out can be difficult. First and foremost, know that in order for your diet to be effective, you need to have a healthy lifestyle overall. Weight loss doesn’t just mean changing your eating habits. It also means regular exercise, and sticking to a plan, as pointed out by Vancouver physician Dr. Ali Ghahary in his previous article on the many health benefits of combined diet and exercise.

An individual’s reasons for wanting to lose weight vary. From obesity, to losing baby weight, to simply wanting to live a life as healthy as possible. Millions of people work towards weight loss every day, and there are many different choices to be made – especially when it comes to meal planning. The most important part of weight loss is to cut back on sugar and have a low-carb diet. One diet Dr. Ali Ghahary recommends to patients is the Paleo diet. Unlike certain fad diets out there, Paleo diet is designed as a long-term diet. Eating low-carb has many health benefits including decreasing cholesterol, decreasing the risk of diabetes, decreasing the risk of osteoporosis, and even decreases the risk of certain cancers. In addition, the Paleo diet can also help improve digestion and reduce inflammation. You may also notice an increase in energy.

A low-carb diet should include plenty of fruits and vegetables.
It is not uncommon for dieters to be unsuccessful at their first, second, and even third attempts – sometimes more. Without motivation and dedication, a healthy diet can be difficult to stick to. Rather than thinking of a diet as something to dread, try making it fun. Social media sites like Pinterest offer thousands of unique, healthy recipes – some of which you can find shared on Dr. Ali Ghahary’s Pinterest page, too, as well as on his Twitter and Instagram accounts. If you’re more focused on staying fit, rather than exercising alone you can always grab a buddy to go with you. Having a friend tag along often helps in keeping you motivated and can make exercise more fun.

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