Thursday, December 1, 2016

BC Children’s Hospital

Part of Dr. Ali Ghahary’s commitment as a physician in Vancouver is to ensure patients and their families receive exceptional healthcare from medical facilities in this Province, including BC Children’s Hospital – the only full-service, pediatric acute care hospital in British Columbia. In doing so, Dr. Ali Ghahary participates in the ‘Grind for kids’, an annual fundraiser by the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation in effort to raise funds so that they can continue to provide children in British Columbia and the Yukon with exemplary care.

BC Children’s Hospital’s roots date back to 1923, when a fund was established for crippled children by the BC Women’s Institute in Vancouver. They continued to make groundbreaking achievements for pediatric care over the years, and in 1982 construction was completed for a $60 million, 29,730 square-metre, 250 acute-care bed facility. Since then, BC Children’s Hospital has continued to make advanced breakthroughs over the years, and is now home to approximately 90,000 patients and their families each year – operating 55 different clinics in its Ambulatory Care building. As many as 9,000 children and adolescents hospitalized at BC Children’s Hospital required surgery last year alone, with more than 1,000 children being admitted to the hospital’s pediatric intensive care unit, and over 700 undergoing treatment for cancer.

In 2006, BC Children’s Hospital launched the ‘Healthy Buddies’ initiative in schools across the Province, which focused on health promotion by providing education on body image, nutrition and physical activity. In 2006, BC Children’s Hospital launched an all-new mental health building as part of their Child Youth & Mental Health program, funded in part by the Government as well as donations. This Vancouver-based facility provides long-term psychiatric care and eating disorder programs, receiving over 25,000 outpatient visits from children and adolescents up to the age of 18.

As healthcare continues to progress over the years, the top priority of the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation is to ensure that the are up-to-date with today’s technology and treatment availability, and with $150 million contributed by donors they are currently in the process of building a brand-new Children’s Hospital – the Teck Acute Care Centre – a modern diagnostic facility in Vancouver that will be better able to manage the needs of children with chronic conditions such as cystic fibrosis and cancer, as well as complex surgeries. The Teck Acute Care Centre will also be able to better accommodate families by providing them with private rooms rather than open-wards.

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