Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Psoriasis Exacerbated by Cooler Weather

As summer comes to a close in just over two weeks, cooler temperatures and a change in the weather will soon follow suit – and the colder the season, the drier, itchier and inflamed the skin can become.

Psoriasis, a common autoimmune disorder that affects as many as 1 million Canadians and 125 million individuals, manifests itself as a skin problem. With Psoriasis, skin may feel itchy and/or sore and appear scaly and/or red. While the exact cause of Psoriasis is unknown, a combination of genetics and certain triggers (such as stress) are likely to play a part in the disorder; and while family physicians like Dr. Ali Ghahary may need to prescribe medication to individuals with Psoriasis, there are also some steps you can first try in order to help sooth the skin as well as prevent flare-ups of the disorder. The following steps are also beneficial to anyone who might be suffering from dry skin.

First and foremost, individuals suffering from dry skin should moisturize daily. Moisturizer will not only leave your skin feeling smoother and softer, but also help to prevent irritation. The thicker the moisturizer, the better, as it well help to lock water into the skin, leaving it moist. If you have sensitive skin then you should make sure you use products that are perfume and lanolin-free. Cleansing skin is also important, but make sure you do not overdo it as you may actually wind up stripping the skin of its natural moisturizing factors. 15-minute oatmeal or Epsom salt baths will also help to sooth dry, irritated skin.

Protecting exposed areas of the skin while out in cold, windy weather is another important factor as Psoriasis can oftentimes be exacerbated by the cooler elements. When outdoors you should always wear soft, warm layers of clothing, as well as hats, gloves and scarves.

If you find that following these steps do not improve the skin’s appearance, you should talk with your doctor so that an effective treatment plan can be put into place.

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