Friday, March 4, 2016

Benefits of Botox

Botox treatment has gained popularity in Canadian clinics over the years, best known for its ability to smooth lines and wrinkles. What many do not know, however, is that research has demonstrated that the benefits of Botox extend far further than just cosmetic reasons.

Since being approved by the FDA, Botox has been utilized diversely, including treatment for debilitating muscle contractions that are caused by cervical dystonia, chronic back and neck pain, excessive sweating, headaches, strokes and cerebral palsy. Some studies have also suggested that Botox can be used to treat hair loss. Botox applied in key areas can relieve spasms, tremors, reduce muscle pain, and increase blood circulation and more.

Below are some of the benefits that have been found with the use of Botox:

MS and Parkinson’s Disease

Botox can help control symptoms of diseases such as Parkinson’s, and MS. Patients suffering from these conditions often have uncontrollable movements, muscle spasms, or experience restrictions in their movements.

Back Pain and Bladder Problems

Research shows that Botox treatments can offer relief from lower back pain. Further, many physicians have had significant success by directly injecting Botox into the bladder wall, helping to improve symptoms of bladder weakness. A single treatment has been shown it can reduce incontinence for a period of up to 24 weeks.


Excessive sweating can be an embarrassing condition that many suffer from. Again, Botox can be used through the use of injection into areas such as the underarms or palms, paralyzing the activity of the sweat glands and reducing the generation of sweat.

Diabetes and Obesity

Diabetic patients often do not respond to standard analgesics. A study has discovered that Botox can relief chronic foot pain that is sometimes associated with those who are diabetic. The symptoms of diabetes can occur as a result of nerve damage, especially in the lower legs and feet. Furthermore, many studies have indicated that Botox injections can also reduce body weight by helping to control hunger.

Hair Loss

Many doctors use Botox as a treatment for hair loss. Hair loss is predominately caused by decreased hair follicles. The theory is that Botox can help relax and dilate blood vessels, allowing nutrients to reach the small follicles, stimulating the growth of hair.

In conclusion, Botox has many benefits, from cosmetic uses to pain relief.

Dr. Ali Ghahary, a physician at Brentwood Medical Clinic located in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, has used Botox on many of his patients. If you feel Botox may be beneficial for yourself then it is recommended that you discuss it thoroughly with your doctor.